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  Adaptation Processes
Posted by: benjyman86 - 8 hours ago - Forum: Service Functions - Replies (1)

Hi All, so question, is there a function or planned function for enabling adaptation processes like VIDA enables? Specifically I am asking because of transmission re-learning for example?

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  Adding Park Assist Pilot
Posted by: Joe558 - 05-21-2024, 04:43 PM - Forum: Retrofitting - Replies (4)

I'm trying to add Park Assist on my 2020 S60. I already have 8 sensors, wanting to add the 'side' 4. All of the instructions I found online indicate to add wires to pins 37 and 42 for the front sensors, which makes sense. However it also says that sensors should be in pins 28-33 for the rear(new sensors using 28 and 33), however that does not jive with my connector. Is there a wiring / pin diagram specifically for my vehicle? All the others I've seen are for SPA models, but different make / year and none of them match my vehicle.    

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  Extended speed indication.
Posted by: MD855 - 05-21-2024, 12:49 PM - Forum: OrBit Q&A - Ask your questions here! - Replies (4)

Anyone know whats this config? 

01 Without extended indication
02 Extended indication


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  BLIS Retrofit for Polestar 2
Posted by: eGuru - 05-21-2024, 12:38 PM - Forum: Retrofitting - Replies (3)

Since I didn't purchase the Pilot Pack for my MY23 LRSM, I don't have BLIS or CTA.
Does anyone have experience retrofitting and enabling the required hardware?

I didn't see any posts in the retrofit threads about this as I guess Volvo provides this functionality as standard.

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  OrBit Beta v0.9.8 release notes
Posted by: Power6 - 05-20-2024, 07:40 PM - Forum: Releases - No Replies

0.9.8 is released. This is an "out of band" update specifically to address issues with AAOS 3.0 updated cars, with a couple bug fixes tacked on.

(Latest version of OrBit can always be downloaded here: https://app.spaycetech.com/orbitupdate/download) The "update notification" in OrBit will be sent later, but you can download the updated install right away from the link.

New features:

  • Added Safety for AAOS 3.0 upgraded IHU (Infotainment Head Unit) - It has come to my attention that the normal programming process is known to possibly cause a problem in the "Android" based Volvo/Polestar models that have been upgraded to the the 3.0 version system. The IHU can get "stuck" and the screen in the car will be blank. This would necessitate a dealer visit and some fix from Volvo/Polestar that is as yet, unknown.
  • OrBit has been updated, to avoid the issue, by performing more strict checks on the state of the IHU before writing any config, and failing the process if the IHU does not pass all checks.
  • The IHU must be responding, it must report "ready for programming" before writing a config. 
  • After programming, the IHU must report it has returned to normal diagnostic session before it is restarted. If it fails, the IHU restart is skipped.
  • To restart the IHU (ECU Reset from ECU Tools tab) the normal diagnostic session must be reported, or OrBit will not send the reset command.
  • Enabling "skip programming checks" will not bypass the requirements for the IHU checks

Other fixes:
  • "Skip programming checks" will no longer bypass the check of critical ECUs (CEM, BECM, IHU) when programming. The checks must always pass.
  • Improvements have been made for latest AAOS update cars, to address the issue where false "ECU Flash failed!" is reported after successful flash, due to the CEM not being ready to read car info after writing a config. 
  • Fixed error on CEM Security PIN extract "no PIN info found" on a supported CEM when the PIN can be retrieved successfully.

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  Chassis type
Posted by: TrstnBrtt - 05-19-2024, 06:15 PM - Forum: Chassis - Replies (2)

I have an XC60 T6 Momentum and under the chassis setting my car is set for comfort. I’ve been dying for firmer steering and have enabled Steering Personalization and the Drive Mode after making a button to change modes on the CCM. It always bothered me that I have to change to individual to get firmer steering every time I start the car. I was messing with some settings this morning and discovered that changing the Chassis Type to Sport Low made the steering feel even firmer than the High Setting for Individual Drive Mode does. There’s quite a few options like Sport High and Dynamic, taxi, police, etc. does anyone have any experience with what these actually mean and if they affect fuel economy?

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  Help, how many types of radar are there before 2021 S60/v60?
Posted by: hao166 - 05-18-2024, 11:53 AM - Forum: Retrofitting - Replies (3)

I want to add front bumper radar and front and rear side radar to my 2021 S60. Upon inquiry, it is found that the 2021 S60 front radar has four part numbers, namely, 32209487, 32209488, 32209357 and 32209358. Two shapes, straight and curved. Among them, the part numbers of 32209357 and 32209358 are also the part numbers of the radar on the 2021 S60 rear bumper. I took apart the rear bumper this afternoon and saw a radar. The part number on the left outside is 32209857. Is the query result of this website correct?Https://Sweden-parts.pl/wspomaganie-park...S60-21-spa Has anyone ever installed or dismantled his car? Does the front radar have four different part numbers? Or two identical part numbers. Thank you.

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  Polestar 2 - Curve Speed Assist
Posted by: SashaSolitaire - 05-16-2024, 11:10 PM - Forum: Safety - Replies (4)

I enabled Curve Speed Assist in OrBit and had a chance to test it out. It was kinda weird as a driver to have the car determine the speed appropriate for the curve, but was pretty cool to experience it. I set the PA to 60MPH and the car was brought down to 49MPH and then gradually accelerated through the curve, ending at around 55MPH at the exit. There was a curve assist icon that popped up when it was active. While the "Curve Assist" option was shown in the center screen under Car>Assist, it never showed up as being activated, even though the icon was present in the driver's display and the car was automatically changing the speed down. Photos taken by front passenger.

Also posted on Polestar Forums.


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  Speed limit remove (car doesn't go above 250kph)
Posted by: MD855 - 05-15-2024, 09:48 PM - Forum: Speed Limit - No Replies


Start using Orbit today.
Have a 2021 T8 S60 Polestar Engineered (limit 180 kph)

I set it to no speed limit but now its limited to 250 kph. 

250 instead of 180 is great, but shouldn't it be completely limitless?

I try set a number (300 kph) but the car stop at 250 kph again.

250 its the old limit that versions like 2020 have - that can be remove in tuning shops in my country.

Someone with the same problem?


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  CEM/VCU Communication
Posted by: QFE - 05-08-2024, 08:56 AM - Forum: Service Functions - No Replies

Not sure if this is the right place so let me know if so.

Got a CEM and VCU on the bench from a Polestar 2. Got a 2022 XC40 and got curious about how the system works (done this before with Honda's and Dacia's, buying parts and making fake bench vehicles), so i bought a CEM and VCU as i dont know how to communicate on FlexRay, only CAN and K-Line at the moment. Cant afford a gateway at the moment but saving for one.

Has anyone been able to get either of these to communicate? as its different to the comm methods ive used before im eager to learn about these systems with DOIP and FlexRay. 

Planning on using OrBit in the near future for this, but curious to understand how it works on a low level.

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