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How to work with headlamps and HCMs in OrBit (flashing, config, used HCM install)
As far as I know, it uses the same camera as lane keep assist uses which has electronic horizon and the sun sensor. Both are standard equipment in US.
If you are asking about bending lights, it uses SWM signal and the position sensor in the steering rack which are also used by cornering light function if you have LED front FOG lights.
The 2016 model XC90, this early SPA is before the HCM was introduced. The CEM runs the headlights. If the car has LED headlamps, there are modules on the headlamp units to drive the LEDs, and the adaptive functions. The modules are not ECUs in the car loaded with software, they are just hardware controlled by the CEM through LIN bus communications.

It looks like the HCM was introduce to the SPA for 2017 MY on the LED headlamp equipped models.
(05-09-2024, 01:46 PM)电源6 Wrote: 2016款XC90,这款早期的SPA是在HCM推出之前。CEM 负责运行前灯。如果汽车配备 LED 头灯,则头灯单元上有用于驱动 LED 的模块以及自适应功能。这些模块不是汽车中装载软件的 ECU,它们只是由 CEM 通过 LIN 总线通信控制的硬件。

看来 HCM 是在 2017 款 SPA 中配备 LED 头灯的车型上引入的。

2018款XC60,新款XC60车型引入了左前照灯控制单元HCML和右前照灯控制单元HCMR。为了与这两个控制单元进行通信,还引入了车身CAN Exposited总线,其通信速率也为500 kbit/s。需要注意的是,更换头灯时必须下载对应HCML或HCMR的新控制软件。更新软件时,需要输入新头灯总成标签上的代码和日期信息(图9),以便头灯中的每个LED灯泡都能调节正确的电流。

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