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Polestar 2 crash resset
(01-29-2024, 09:00 PM)Power6 Wrote: Oh yes, definitely let us know, if it's possible, perhaps I could figure it out ;-)

Tried couple tools non of them was able do clear crash for usa model, for eu model obdstar p50 claims can do via obd but not tested by mysel
Hello to all participants. So as not to create a new topic, I'll ask here. XC90 T8 recharged 2021 USA, after an accident. The airbags deployed. The crash data in the SRS unit has been cleared. But the car still remains in Safety Mode (message on the dashboard) and the engine does not start. As far as I know, it is now necessary to disable the safety mode in some of the blocks (CEM or BECM or ECM, I don’t know for sure) and this is done by VIDA online. But here they wrote above that Orbit transferred Polistar from Safety to Normal. My question: Can I do this type of reset using Orbit on this XC90? If yes, then which function should be done in which block?
Have you checked the fuse on the battery? As far as I know; after a crash it blows it and engine won't start!
(05-14-2024, 11:49 PM)ИМАЙ2023 Wrote: Предохранитель на аккумуляторе проверяли? Насколько я знаю; после аварии он сгорает и двигатель не заводится!

Вы имеете в виду предохранитель на аккумуляторе 400В? Или аккумулятор 12В? Не могли бы вы поделиться более подробной информацией об этом? Эти PHEV (T8) не имеют пиропредохранителя на аккумуляторе 12 В. По схеме запчастей на аккумуляторе 400В есть какой-то предохранитель, но не уверен, что это пиротехника. И я думаю, что Безопасный режим сам по себе (без сброса) не исчезнет. Встречал решение подобной проблемы на других форумах - там с помощью Vida online отключили Safety mode, но только после замены или сброса модуля SRS.
I did not know that T8 did not have that crash fuse on the 12V battery.  Have you checked here :
There seem to be many things that need to be done after a car is crashed (and repaired), and not all of them happen on every car, depends on the circumstances.

There seem to be a few main things that need to be dealt with:
  • SRS Crash history clear
  • Set the car mode from "Crash" back to "Normal"
  • Clear crash status in medium or high voltage battery control

Some OrBit can do (set the car mode) and some it may be able to do (clear battery crash status in some modules), then some that can be difficult or not possible through diagnostics (clear SRS history)

If anyone knows better than I do, does that look like the total list of things that need "clearing" to bring a car back to drivable upon repair after a crash?

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