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CEM/VCU Communication
Not sure if this is the right place so let me know if so.

Got a CEM and VCU on the bench from a Polestar 2. Got a 2022 XC40 and got curious about how the system works (done this before with Honda's and Dacia's, buying parts and making fake bench vehicles), so i bought a CEM and VCU as i dont know how to communicate on FlexRay, only CAN and K-Line at the moment. Cant afford a gateway at the moment but saving for one.

Has anyone been able to get either of these to communicate? as its different to the comm methods ive used before im eager to learn about these systems with DOIP and FlexRay. 

Planning on using OrBit in the near future for this, but curious to understand how it works on a low level.

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