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V90CC 2019 T5 self adjusting side mirrors
(05-16-2024, 07:25 AM)M1STER_GR1M Wrote:
(05-16-2024, 03:59 AM)IMAY2023 Wrote: That's the thing. Mine still shows 17- Temp: °F, Clock: 24 h, Distance: Miles, Fuel Consumption: Miles Per Gallon (US) in the orbit when reading the car but the car shows the temp. in   °C. 
In order not to lose it, I never touched it from Orbit. :-)

Wtf lol that's odd for sure

I intermittently have a similar issue, after unlocking the car and the mirrors fold out the left mirror sometimes is pointing in some random direction.  Volvo service last time were of no help, just suggested resetting and seeing if that helped.  The correct position is saved to my profile (and seat position slot 1) and that is apparent because if I hold the "1" button down on the door, the mirror moves around to finally end up in the correct position.  May be a position sensor fault? anyway I have not yet bothered to disassemble the mirror to find out as the "hold 1" solution is just barely palatable enough to stop me going to that extent.

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