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I started getting a "On Call Service Required" alert every time I start my 2016 xc90.  Is there a way i can deactivate this alert/service? Does anyone know about this SOS/on call battery that apparently gets low and has to be changed?  I'm in the US.
I had the same issue on my XC60. The battery is in the VCM module and quite straightforward to replace. I think the VCM is located in a different place in the XC90, but if you can get to it, it's an easy DIY job. Just make sure you depress the locking tab in the connector and the wire is easily disconnected..dont yank it! The genuine battery is quite expensive, but I tried an Ali express one and it as a dud. Having taken the battery pack apart, the cells are actually quite rare and hard to source, so not worth trying to rebuild the battery. You should be able to use orbit to confirm it is the VCM backup battery by using the ECU tools to read the battery voltage off the VCM module.
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