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Live data logging?
Just curious, is there any potential that orbit, or some kind of add on to it might be able to provide live data logging of data from sensors etc. for troubleshooting in the future.
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Yes! Future...yes future. It's down the list as I am re-writing DTCs to be more useful, and implementing a service procedure architecture currently, which will be next released upgrades. Data read and logging is one that is on the list for service and troubleshooting. There is a bit to it, so I need to plan out the architecture of it, to keep it from getting massively complicated. I am not relishing creating a GUI for that ;-)

If you got any examples, like a real example, I am all ears, to understand the workflow better so I can make sure I am thinking of things right as to how it would be used.
Hi, I'm browsing the forum a bit to get information on the next update, so I don't miss this post Smile

If I understood correctly Power6, are you looking to improve the DTC interface?
For reading the DTCs and the Values of the different vehicle sensors, this is a good idea, it will make it easier for us to read different sensors.

I think that compared to the simplicity for the selection of sensors and others it is to do as on VCDS (VW/AUDI ...)

We select what we want to see in the table, this is ideal.

It must represent a lot of work I think indeed :/

Small preview in pictures

[Image: 1711730515-opera-instantane-2024-03-29-1...erf-fr.png]

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