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New for the forum
Hello, I would like to suggest setting up a chat on the forum, to facilitate conversations between each member and resolve any problem directly without disturbing other users of course.

What do you think of this, Administrators and members ?
Perhaps a Discord would be easier to manage and setup?
V60 2020 
(11-02-2023, 10:12 PM)Pliind Wrote: Perhaps a Discord would be easier to manage and setup?

If there is interest i can help configure.
V60 2020 
A forum is enough to administer currently - easy to navigate and search also. 

If things change we will send an update to users.
Think forum is best way of communication, as easier navigate throught dedicated sections and find one we need, and there is always PM for those who need chat, and there can exchange wp, skype etc contacts and chat, but think no some bigger advance things like discord, telegram groups, as one who want and can reply to your request, will reply anyway fast at forum or discord.

Maybe we older guys are still old-school forum fans, and newer generations like those discords, telegram groups etc Smile .

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